X: Life After Breaking Up, Pt. 1

Living with an ex after you break up is like sticking your hand in a wasps nest to find out how it feels to be stung: it's very stupid, very efficient and you'll probably find out that what's living inside is a vicious motherfucker. After three days peacefully navigating the difficult emotions and change in dynamic of no… Continue reading X: Life After Breaking Up, Pt. 1

VI: The Roommate

Despite our instant connection, we didn't actually have much in common, so Keith ingeniously orchestrated a bond way more powerful than having the same interests: he made sure that we hated the same people. When he brought his compelling narrative of victimization to the table, he found in me an immediate ally and our shared pursuit of slaying his dragons… Continue reading VI: The Roommate

V: The First Six Months 

The first six months of our relationship were a total lovefest that we gleefully documented for public consumption on Instagram and Facebook (the photos are now archived in a folder called "I'm a Hero For Not Deleting These"). We were as happy offline as we appeared online. Keith talked endlessly about marriage and at every holiday or special… Continue reading V: The First Six Months 

IV: No One Has Ever Been This In Love, Pt. 2

Knowing what I know now, it's difficult to look back objectively on the time when I was falling in love with Keith. (It's also unpleasant, so this will be brief.) But if I turn off my bile ducts and quiet the voice in my head that accompanies any thought of him (spoiler alert: it's Oda… Continue reading IV: No One Has Ever Been This In Love, Pt. 2

III: No One Has Ever Been This In Love, pt. 1

After accepting Keith's proposal to try again, we started dating in earnest and were quickly a couple. It wasn't long before we were wildly in love and experiencing the kind of absolute certainty about our pairing that convinced us that we'd won some kind of Cosmic Love Lottery. We were blissed out in a way… Continue reading III: No One Has Ever Been This In Love, pt. 1