XIII: The Shitshow, part I

While our breakup came as a surprise to almost everyone, my friends kindly gave me a wide berth on interrogation about what actually happened. I trickled out some platitudes on social media and informed everyone that I'd be moving out, but I largely didn't drag Keith, both to protect him and because I was embarrassed… Continue reading XIII: The Shitshow, part I


IX: Falling Apart & Breaking Up

In early June of last year, the night before our 8 month anniversary and my 36th birthday party, Keith gave me the gift that keeps on giving: (not herpes) (emotional herpes?)  Trust Issues. I discovered that for months he'd been "liking" every selfie his old roommate, Hannah, posted on her Instagram and had commented on one… Continue reading IX: Falling Apart & Breaking Up


VIII: Kids

Growing up, I considered it a foregone conclusion that my life would follow the traditional timeline of my rural small town: finish high school, fall in love, get married and be done having babies before age 30. No muss, no fuss. As an actual adult, of course, there are not enough horrified gasps in the world… Continue reading VIII: Kids